Projects / Tailor Made Problem Solving

The project work that we undertake is one of the most challenging areas of our business - but also one of the most rewarding - and the area where we can get the fastest results - transforming the running of a company almost overnight. Helping With Projects at Clear Cut Accounts Accounting and Bookkeeping Wimborne

A lot of of people have a system that works fine - and if it's not broke why fix it? But most businesses - if you ask them - could identify at least half a dozen parts of their system that drive them crazy!!

From a time-consuming spreadsheet with a lot of manual inputting and calculation, to a process such as quotations or ordering that must be repeated over and over again - there are always crosses we have to bear! There are also tasks that we just HATE to do.

There can also be issues that make you feel that your company is out of control - such as disorganised paperwork with items frequently going missing, overdue bills, non-paying customers, and a system that gives you no idea of the current financial position of the company.

Here at Clear Cut Accounts we can look at each of your issues, and come up with a solution to speed things up, simplify the process, or just do away with parts of it altogether! By a tinker, a change round or a total rebuild, we can streamline your business so that it is a pleasure to run - and will take less of your time!

We can also set up regular information that means that you can piece together the puzzle and see what position the company is in. With clear, relevant information at your fingertips, you can take back control, run your company the way that you want to, and work together with us to improve and grow it.

Please contact us for a free no obligation initial consultation - no job too big or too small. Before you know it things will be running like clockwork!

What Services Do We Offer?

Our project services are completely tailor made to our clients need - we do not have a "one solution fits all" approach. By a system we do not just mean a computer solution - we can offer a new paper filing setup, spreadsheets or hand written books if that suits you more.

Projects can range from the creation of a spreadsheet for as little as £50, to a complete overhaul of computer and paper record keeping, to ensure that it complies with all HMRC / Companies House rules and regulations.

All projects include a full handover with training and documentation, including Step by Step Operating Instructions if new processes are introduced. For an agreed period after handover, we will also be happy to answer any queries relating to the project work over the phone or by e-mail. We won't just leave you to it!

Our rates are shown on the What We Charge page.


Examples of Project Work

1. Design and Handover of Pricing Spreadsheet

Customer A regularly fabricated and supplied large boxes to a major customer, in a variety of bespoke sizes.

The pricing of these boxes had to take into account materials, labour and delivery. The customer worked these out manually each time.

A spreadsheet was produced that, once you input the dimensions of the box required:

  • Calculated the cost of materials
  • Calculated the labour cost - taking into account that larger boxes would need 2 men
  • Calculated the cost of delivery - including taking into account the size of lorry required
  • Added an agreed % profit to each element
  • Created a detailed Quotation Sheet with date, delivery times etc that could be printed on headed paper and sent directly to the client / emailed.

The process now took 2 minutes to complete per quotation, instead of 40 minutes. With approx 20 quotations per week, the director could save over 12 hours a week, or over 600 hours over a year. He finally got to spend some time with his family, and concentrate on driving down costs and finding new customers.

The solution cost just £150.

2. Accounting and Payroll Software

In our opinion the advances in Accounting and Payroll software over the last few years have been great for small businesses. Packages have become much simpler, with clear non financial terms, graphs and interactive menus.

They can also be accessed via the internet - removing the need for expensive updates, and the risk of having all of your data on one stand alone computer.

If we believe your company could be really helped by software, we will recommend it. But if we feel it is unnecessary and an unneeded cost - we'll say so! We are not a software sales team and we will always do what is best for our client. It's that simple!